Youthline is a national telephone counselling and advice service for youth (when you ring you will be speaking with someone in Palmerston North).

Most of the staff who answer the phones are aged between 18-21yrs so they know about some of the hassles that young people have to deal with.

You can ring Youthline on their toll free number to talk about any problem that you might be experiencing, not just the ones included in this web site.

Youthline's phone number is: 0800 376 633. Their hours are: 4pm-10pm Monday to Saturday and 7pm-10pm on Sundays (If you ring outside of these hours they have a message that gives you some other numbers to try).


Depression, Alcohol, Stress, Suicide, Anxiety, Drugs, Self Harm, Sex and Sexual Health, Sexuality, Relationship Hassles, Grief and Loss, Uncontrollable Mood Swings, Eating Disorders, Other Stuff, Little Black Book, Home
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