The Sexual Health Clinic provide an assessment and treatment service for people who are concerned that they may have a sexually transmitted disease. If you think that you have some of the symptoms described on the sex and sexual health page, or you have had unsafe sex in the past then it is important that you get a check up. Nurses and a Doctor work at the Clinic. The service is FREE and they keep all of your information private. Clinics are held in New Plymout (see the details below), however if you can't get to the clinic times then you could also talk to your School Public Health Nurse or go and see your GP.

New Plymouth The Sexual Health Clinic in New Plymouth is at 188 Powderham St. Ring for an appointment or double check there opening hours on 0508sexhealth (0508 739 432).

  • Monday 6pm - 8pm

  • Tuesday 9am - 1pm

  • Thursday 6pm - 8pm

  • Friday 9am - 1pm

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