7. Eat healthy food. You are probably sick of people telling you this. It sounds boring but the thing is that it really does help. The healthier your body is the more on to it your mind is and the more energy you will have to deal with hassles.

8. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise releases chemicals in your body that can lift your mood and lower the physical effects of stress. It also burns off a lot of the body chemicals that cause you to feel stressed (eg. adrenaline). Exercise also releases chemicals called endorphins, which can act as natural anti-depressants.

9. Focus on the positive things in life. Even when things are really crappy there will usually still be some good things going on in your life. Think about the good bits as much as possible i.e friends, favourite possessions, upcoming events, good memories or even future hopes. This is a good way to provide some balance or perspective to the stuff that makes you feel stink at the moment.

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