3. Take time to chill out. It's really important to give your body and mind a break from time to time. Go out and do something that you enjoy, go to a movie, have a surf, read a book, hit the shops, or just hang out with some mates . It's like taking a holiday from your worries.

4. Get heaps of sleep. When we sleep our body rebuilds its energy reserves. If you aren't getting enough sleep then your ability to handle stress can be reduced.

5. Don't use alcohol or drugs as a way of coping. A lot of people decide to get wasted as a way of escaping from their problems. It can feel good at the time but when they sober up the problem is still there just like before. It's better to try and sort the problem out rather then hide from it. The more you use substances to cope, the less opportunity you have to develop positive ways of dealing with things.

6. Tell your family or mates about it. It really helps to talk about things with someone who you trust. Often they have got some good ideas about what you could do. Sometimes just talking about stuff can help you to get a handle on it in your own mind.

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