Doctors (also called GP - General Practitioners) can be really good people to talk to in regards to a lot of the issues that are talked about in "Trippin". Usually people see their GP when they aren't feeling well or have a medical problem. They go to find out what is wrong and get some advice, treatment or medication that might make them feel better. If you don't have a GP and you are not sure where to start logon to

If you aren't sure if your problem is a medical one you could still talk to your GP about it. They can check it out to see if there is a medical reason for the way that you are thinking or feeling. They also know about what other services there are that might be able to help you (and they can organise for them to contact you).

Some young people have always had the same doctor as their family, while others decide that they want to have a look around and find one who they feel is cool. All of the doctors in Taranaki are listed in the phone book (in the section called "Registered Medical Practitioners") right after the blue pages in the front of the book. If you want to make an appointment you just give them a call and ask their nurse or receptionist for a time. Be aware however that GPs do charge so make sure that you ask how much it is likely to be before you go! If you want to know some hints about how to tell if your GP is youth friendly go to the next page.

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