The Alcohol Helpline is a telephone service that provides information, advice and short term counselling services for people who are concerned about their own (or someone else's) drinking. The Alcohol Helpline is a national service (when you ring you are actually talking to someone in Christchurch). They have a free phone number and they keep all of the information that you tell them confidential. They have information on drugs and drug abuse as well. If you call them and decide that you would like to talk face to face with someone here in Taranaki, they can direct you to local services that can help (or you could look up the other services that are listed in this site).


The Alcohol Helpline can be reached on 0800 787 797. If you are after information or advice you can call between 10am-10pm any day of the week. If you want to talk to a counsellor you will have to call between 10am-6pm on weekdays only.

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